Networking Events

Making connections and maintaining relationships with the people who can provide business or valuable information can be the key to success. Our network of colleagues and business associates are able to provide whenever you need such as a new client, a new job, or information to develop your skills further or mentorship.

Our networking events are a great place to meet a lot of like-minded people at one time, these events are a great place if you need to build your confidence and shut out the negative voices doubting your new business or your career direction. Come meet new faces, hear about business ideas, and come away with new contacts, connections, and support.

Our goal is to provide the avenues for professionals who want to connect with other professionals, make new business and personal connections, build their network, find new clients, and identify business opportunities and career direction.

Scholarship Programs

Our Scholarships are for technology students to help ensure that they can afford their training. Our scholarships are provided to qualified members. Scholarship applicants must be a U.S. citizen that is currently a high school senior, college undergraduate, or graduate student pursuing a STEM major full-time.

Speaker Programs

Our Speaker programs provide the platform for industry leaders, scholars or experts to impart their experiences and knowledge to the community. Our speakers are chosen not only for their expertise but also for their ability to inspire discussion with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Community Outreach

As a nonprofit organization, it is important to be engaged and relevant to the communities that we are you are located in. We approach community outreach by building relationships and partnerships within the community.

Our outreach mission:

Encourage Conversation: Having discussions with a wide range of stakeholders allows us to find opportunities that align with what matters, this leads to deeper relationships.
Participate in Local Events: Festivals and community events that involve local community gatherings gives us high visibility and an opportunity to interact with the community, it also raises awareness, provides a face for our organization and allows us to share content to help people.
Partnering with Community Organizations: A key to engaging local communities is understanding the issues that affect them the most. We want each community to view us as a partner that will be there for the long term helping with their concerns.H
Host Events, Training, Workshops, and Seminars: We provide a variety of avenues to training courses through our partnerships, our workshops, and project. All of our initiatives are designed to help individuals or organizations thrive.


Our education platforms provide strong foundations that empower students to grow their careers, and for business to gain access to investors, mentors, and support that helps them become stable, profitable and self-sufficient.

Collaborating with the Minority Tech Accelerator, resources are provided to help fast forward ideas. The Accelerator helps with funding, mentorship, and connections to people who can help scale. Minority Tech Accelerator also provides coding classes, these classes are designed around the idea that anyone can learn how to code, these classes help interested individuals become a software developer. The coding boot camps help develop skills and get students job-ready as quickly as possible.

Minority Tech Alliance works with the region’s fastest-growing tech employers to help ensure that Minority Tech Accelerator’s training students on the programming languages that are in the highest demand.