We are a non-profit organization dedicated to uniting minorities in the tech industry, fostering connections, collaboration, and growth. Our mission revolves around creating an inclusive environment for the community to delve into technology. By breaking down barriers and building bridges, The ALLIANCE emerges as a collective effort involving leading minority technology firms, educators, and accomplished individuals. Together, we aim to network, support, encourage, and educate minority startups, technology students, and career-oriented individuals in the tech field.

What sets The ALLIANCE apart is the uncommon level of collaboration among minority technology organizations and educators. Our unique strategy establishes a nationwide focal point, providing an unparalleled platform for individuals to collaborate with successful minority businesses and educators. The collaborative's objective is to maximize collective capabilities, positively impacting the success of minority firms and individuals. We strive for a seamless and systemic approach that supports growth and sustainability in the technology sector.

The Alliance has strategically leveraged partnerships to simplify and expand the range of services and programming offered to minorities nationwide. Our mission extends to fostering a new era of effective collaboration among existing successful minority organizations, encouraging them to reach back and provide support wherever possible.

Our ultimate goal is to strengthen the disadvantaged minority technology sector by offering assistance and services from successful organizations and individuals. These services include coaching, counseling, business assistance, critiquing business ideas and concepts, workforce development asistenance and facilitating funding opportunities.

We firmly believe in the principle that giving results in receiving much more in return, albeit not necessarily in the same form. The returns manifest in valuable ways such as compassion, encouragement, kindness, selflessness, life-changing lessons, self-respect, and gratefulness.